• Carla Mendes

    Carla Mendes

    Web Developer by day, Musician by night. Weekend runner by choice. Passionate and honest both in life and writing.

  • Jennifer Hough

    Jennifer Hough

    Irish journalist transplanted to Canada. Writing for a variety of publications. Get me on jenniferhros@icloud.com An RT doesn't mean I agree.

  • Faisal Shaik

    Faisal Shaik

  • Junaid Abbasi

    Junaid Abbasi

    Full Stack JavaScript developer | Data | Programming 👾

  • Karen Lee

    Karen Lee

    Creative Industries Student. Writer at the Unaffiliated Press. Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists changed my life.

  • Miika Kossi

    Miika Kossi

  • Zakir Hemraj

    Zakir Hemraj

  • Justin Menard

    Justin Menard

    BI Senior Analyst @ uOttawa. Interested in Books, Travel, Technology and all the data and interactions that this generates. #edtech http://ca.linkedin.com/in/menardjustin

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